Listen… to your body.

So we’re just over 4 weeks out until the marathons begin.. It’s actually one Month today with the first being the Hull Marathon on 13th September.. crazy to think that all the hardwork and sacrifices will soon be put to the test as I line up amongst hundreds of other people who have all put themselves through similar situations over the past few months.. Not sure how many of them I will see the following 2 weeks in a row at my other marathons! I mean who is crazy enough to do 3 in 14 days? Hmmm..

Having overcome the mental strain I put on myself last weekend I do feel like the black clouds have been lifted. Having completed two good 45 minute sessions on consecutive days this week I’m feeling positive. Unfortunately my body doesn’t really agree! I’ve got to a point with my training where Im confident of overcoming the longer distances and know over the next 2 weekends I’ll test myself at a half marathon distance and then 20+ mile distance. I know that if I can get through the next 2 weeks I’m fully ready to line up on the 13th September and nail it..

So yeah.. my body’s not my best friend right now.. I feel like I’m picking up little niggles and strains and my knees are shouting at me a lot more often.. 6 days a week training for 12 weeks straight being the obvious cause.. Hey at least I’ve followed the plan right? But who decides whether that plan is exactly right for me and my needs? Everybody is different and everyone reacts differently to training whether it be through previous training experience or their diet. It will all affect different people in different ways. The point I’m trying to get to is that I gave myself the night off and went to Nando’s with my wife.. and I don’t feel bad about it whatsoever! At least it’s given me something to write about this evening! Silver lining and all that…

I’ve followed a BUPA marathon plan for so long now my body lets me train 6 days consecutively.. it also seems to know when I’m approaching a rest day. I’ve put it to the test over short distances and also long distances and it hasn’t let me down yet.. I feel like I’m prepared to put it to work for 4+ consecutive hours on race day and as I mentioned above feel confident that it i can get through the 20+ mile run approaching next week that I’ll be fine. It’s this reasoning thats led me to be more relaxed as we approach the business end of proceedings. I know my body.. and I knew tonight it wanted a Chicken platter with spicy rice and minted peas… In all seriousness though.. No one plan is going to work for everybody.. and I think I’m in a much better place heading into tomorrows training and the 13.1 mile session on sunday having spent the evening recovering than putting further strain on my body when it was already telling me it needed a rest. Yes there’s overcoming the ‘I just cant be bothered’ mentality but this is far from that.. We’re almost at game day and I intend to line up feeling 100%.. not struggling because I pushed my body too far on a light 40 minute Thursday run..

Don’t feel guilty if you have to listen to your body and take more rest.. it will repay you in the long run when your running faster, further and for longer.. or whatever your sport or challenge. You stand a much better chance of succeeding if you listen to your body more than you do some random routine you found on the internet that works for that guy with all the nice Instagram photos.. (and yes by now you’ve probably realised I’m just bitter and jealous)..

Also I wonder if my wife will grass me in when she reads above by telling every on that I also had chips..

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