Did I mention I’m running 3 marathons?

You’re nearly there.. all that hard work.. all that training.. all that focus.. almost time to put it to the test.. with 2 weeks to go until the first 26.2 miles are conquered means that as the training miles start to decrease, the focus and energy is transferred away from the pavement and the legs to the mind.. All those doubts start to creep in.. have I trained enough? Are my legs going to be up to the task? Will I get enough sleep the night before? And probably the most important.. Why the hell did I sign up for 3 when I’ve never completed one.. Idiot.

So with all those questions looming and this mornings 12 mile run you probably think that I would just be taking it easy this weekend and staying off my feet.. wrong. Did I mention I moved house this weekend? Did I also mention that my wife and daughter went away to a 3 day festival 6 hours after we got the keys? Having spent the majority of the weekend scrubbing, cleaning, hoovering and packing boxes (and that’s just the old house) followed by putting beds together, setting up the sky and internet (important) and unpacking boxes at the new one.. it really has been manic. The fact that I also attended one of my best friends stag nights last night too (just soda water and blackcurrant for me please) and then managed to get up and nail a 12 mile run in a good strong time is testament to all the hard work I have done over the past few months. I’ve already achieved things that I didn’t think I could and I’m proud of myself regardless of what my marathon times end up being.

As you’ve read these blogs posts you may have noticed that I haven’t really put too much attention on timings.. and for good reason. For me.. it doesn’t matter what the times are.. and for me to be able to motivate others I don’t want it to matter. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve read other blogs and other posts that literally focus on how great the person is and how they ran a marathon in 45 minutes.. hopping, on their weaker foot.. with their eyes closed. Awesome.. Doesn’t exactly motivate me to give it a go though.. doubt you fancy it either.. For me, my journey has been about continuing to show you that you can achieve great things when you put your mind to it and challenge yourself. I don’t care how long it takes you.. what I care about is the fact that you read this, you planned a route, you got your gym gear on and you gave it a go. And more importantly you enjoyed it and did it again a few days later!

So enough about you.. this is my blog so I’m just gunna crack on talking about me.. Having completed the 12 miles this morning and then got all the housework done (hurry up and come home Jen.. its hard) I’m feeling surprisingly good.. I’m a little concerned about some pain in my knees and do find it difficult to get up the stairs a little bit, but at the same time it hasn’t had much affect on my running and means I’m just putting a little bit more focus on stretching before and after the training runs. To be honest being on the home stretch I just want it out of the way now.. Having almost left the gym completely and focused on road running and the Friday night spin sessions (at the gym).. I haven’t lifted weights for a good while.. and I’m missing it.. I almost miss the idiots in there that spend hours looking in the mirror and texting in between grunt sets… Ok maybe I don’t miss that part.. When I get past these marathons and cut down the distances I’m running I feel like I’ve got my body to a point where I can incorporate some really valuable cardio sessions in between weight sessions.. Knowing my own limitations I don’t think my next challenge could be anything above a marathon distance or a triathlon considering the fact that I hate swimming. I’ve put so much time into this I’m just looking forward to relaxing, having a holiday and leaving my trainers in a cupboard for a bit!

13th September – Hull Marathon
20th September – Bath Two Tunnels Marathon
27th September – Robin Hood Nottingham Marathon

It tires me just writing down those events! With a wedding to attend on the 12th the first marathons routine is going to be challenging.. but I’m confident. For Bath I’m going on the friday night so feel like I’ll have some valuable time to settle and relax.. No doubt my wife and daughter will be off exploring and no doubt I’ll get dragged along for a bit (I’ll pretend I dont want to).. but it should be a great experience and I’ll know what to expect having ran the week before! The challenge will then come to a conclusion in Nottingham.. then I can rest.. and eat.. a lot.

I’d like to thank all the people that have left me some amazing advice to help me through the training. You have no idea how much it has helped and how grateful I am. As a novice in this whole running thing.. its been invaluable.. so thank you!

To finish I just want to rant about something that’s been on my mind for literally my entire training.. why the hell does everybody all of a sudden want to be a cyclist? I cant believe how many middle aged men I see riding past me in full Lycra with a go pro camera attached to their helmet.. I know Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome have inspired a lot of people but come on.. Every time I step out the house to run I feel like I’m interrupting the tour de’ France. I guess I just get a bit jealous that they get to sit down and I don’t…

2 weeks and counting..

4 thoughts on “Did I mention I’m running 3 marathons?

  1. Hey! I think your commitment to doing this for yourself (and as inspiration for others) is awesome, and I hope it brings you places metaphorically symbolic of all those miles you’re running. I think it’s crazy to do three marathon almost back-to-back like that, but at the same time I think it’s something I’d like to try as well. After all, one hears about those people who run them every weekend for a year, or even every day for a year! If you can do it, I think I may try too.
    Thanks for sharing your journey. 🙂
    Also, I hope you plan on eating a lot between your marathons too! Within the first 48 hours are the most important for recovery, and you want to make sure you give your body the fuel to recover.
    Hopefully you’ll still be able to have fun at your best mate’s wedding. Celebrating something so big the night before a marathon is a scary thought for me.
    Finally, as a note of reassurance, you don’t need to be worried about not sleeping the night before. You don’t want to be on your feet all night either, but if you only sleep 2-3 hours (with a lot of tossing and turning in between), you’ll be fine. If you get good sleep two nights before the marathon, that’s what will set you up for success.
    Something to look out for is sleeping well the night after the marathon. Your training runs may be good indicators of how you’ll fare, but I find myself having a hard time sleeping post-marathon… hopefully it works out well for you.
    Enjoy these weeks of taper! Don’t let the taper-bogey men scare you. You’re prepared and you’ll get there.

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  2. LOL! We turn into cyclists as middle aged men for a few reasons… 1. Recovery time is nill, I’ve ridden every day since July, averaging 33 miles a day. 2. The bikes are super cool hobby investments, it’s like a sports car but my bike runs on fat, not my wallet. 3. Cycling is WAY more social than running. Even at 23 mph, my friends (including my wife) and I are laughing and talking about fun stuff. Having started a runner, I’m much happier as a cyclist.

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  3. mawil1

    Maybe I just never went out before but now I see people running and cycling everywhere! I live close to rivington fell, part of the Bolton ironman route so we get hundreds of cyclists round here! Good luck to them, better than sitting on the sofa! And gooduck to you with your 3 marathons, as yo say a crazy idea when you haven’t even done one! But now is the time for positive thoughts and visualisations, you can do it, you will do it. You have done the training and lived healthily. Think about that feeling as you cross the finish line, tired but happy, ready to rest then go again! Good luck!

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