It never gets easier you just get stronger..

I used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky is falling. Why am I so differently wired in my noggin? ‘Cause sporadic as my thoughts come, it’s mind boggling. ‘Cause I obsess on everything in my mind small shit bothers me…. (Eminem – Legacy)

You know when you hear something and it just makes sense? I get that from a lot of Eminem tracks Iv’e heard over the years.. and not because my mums on crack or anything.. haha. Well she might be.. I always wonder who the strange guy is that she used to meet up with outside Asda or why we had to enter that witness protection program.. never really put much thought into it. Anyway.. back to my point.. Its lyrics such as the above that I relate to.. As I’ve discussed over the past few weeks I find it really hard to focus on my training when I have a lot on my mind.. at the moment nothing is ringing truer.. I’ll be honest and say its taking quite a lot to actually stick with it and to go through with the events at the moment.. With a lot of personal things happening I need to focus on the fact that I’ve put so much into this.. I’ve given it absolutely everything and more.. I’ve put it before almost everything. I’ve planned my entire life around training on the evenings and on the weekends. My wife and daughter are sick of seeing me stretching in the middle of the kitchen or inquiring if anyone’s been drinking my isotonic drinks.. It’s things like this which make me determined not to give up. Oh and the fact that loads of people have sponsored me and would probably get pissed off if I gave up.

Leading up to the 22 miles I completed on Sunday I’ve started to stray from the training plan I’ve been following. I’m not too worried about it because as previously discussed I feel its important to work to what is right for your own body. When your aching, rest up and go harder tomorrow. With a run on the agenda later I may just have to take this advice.. Resting will give me everything I need to be stronger, faster and more determined to finish the week strong.. Not listening to my body and not resting will mean the fatigue will take over and every session would be pointless. With a half marathon distance to complete on Sunday I’m determined to once again beat my quickest time.. and I’m confident I will.

I’m also starting to think I haven’t chosen the best time to move house.. but that’s another story! Whilst getting to a point where I’m counting down the days until the 3 marathons are out of the way I’m also looking forward to it all.. I know I can finish them and I’m confident I can recover in the 6 days in between each one. Does anyone have any advice on this? Obviously not many people are stupid enough to do marathons on consecutive weekends so there aren’t many plans around which say what to do exercise wise and diet on the days in between each one.. Obviously the evening after the last one will consist of just Pizza and Whisky.. standard.

Part of me wishes I’d only signed up for one.. that I could prepare and then celebrate my achievement.. however part of me knows I wouldn’t be satisfied with that.. I think I proved this by booking a half marathon the day after a 10K and a marathon the day after the half. I’m always striving for more.. I constantly feel like I have something to prove to not only others but myself.. that I always need a goal.. something to aim for.. Without this my days have no meaning and seem irrelevant. On 28th September I have no idea what that goal will evolve into.. Whilst I’m intrigued to find out I’m also concerned for my well being.. after all.. I never do anything by halves..

5 thoughts on “It never gets easier you just get stronger..

  1. Those are some impressive goals, and how did the 10K, half, marathon hat-trick go for you? Really, if you were able to handle that, you can do the three weekend marathon. i just wouldn’t expect them to be all strong. In fact, i would probably make the first one my best effort and just spend the other two not getting injured.
    In between I would stay off my feet but try to do cross training like biking and swimming.
    Getting those carbs in sounds important, but also a lot of hydration to help in the muscle repair.
    I’ve never tried it though, so I have no real idea. Interested to see what you do, though!

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  2. silviab

    Wow, pretty impressive goal! I don’t have any solid advice, since I’d probably never attempt anything like that, but I agree rest as much as you can and listen to yourself. Be realistic in your pace and finish for each one, and most importantly have fun, enjoy it! Thanks for checking out my post! Best of luck.

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  3. Just catching up with you, Ben. Looks like you’re all over the rest, which is great and important. Wanderwolf’s advice about resting and doing some cross training in between the marathons is good advice.

    Just to add something, it’s common for people to try and go out and beat previous times in training runs, especially with inexperienced runners. Careful you don’t fall into this trap. Running’s simple. Most of your runs should be easy, you should be able to chat away. The odd run should be a tad more taxing but don’t overdo these type of sessions. You’ll get more gains out of just running and enjoying it rather than trying to hammer runs. I know you’ve got the recovery thing sussed but just be mindful of the actual runs. People who hammer their runs invariably end up injured. Consistency is key: stress – recover- adapt – repeat. Stress – for new to newish runners – is simply getting out and running.

    Keep at it Ben – nearly there…

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  4. I tried doing 2 fulls in 7 days to join the Marathon Maniacs but got pulled during the 2nd one at mile 12 due to weather. (did two more over the next 2 months and got in that way). I do always notice the specific gravity of my urine going through the roof after a marathon – meaning it will look darker. I think this may go hand and hand with increased CPK levels (creatinine phosphokinase or something like that) but, there is tissue damage so add my vote to the increased water consumption to help your kidneys. I have multi-packs of vitamins which… I’m not too religious about but, when a marathon is coming up, I will take two of those packs per day leading up to the run.
    regarding that Eminem quote – i’ve studied a little regarding the neurology of happiness. when it comes to places in your brain that perceive pleasant and/or unpleasant emotions – the unpleasant areas outnumber the pleasant areas 9 to 5 and the only place I found which is solely devoted to pleasant emotions would be the left head of the caudate nucleus (part of the brain) …that always made me wonder, why not the right head?
    I hope you don’t have to travel too far for your runs. I only had about 3 hours of sleep before the Hatfield McCoy marathon BUT – Water trumps sleep! big time. I’d rather stay up all night and be hydrated than sleep 14 hours before a race and be the teeniest bit dehydrated.
    Best of Luck to you! – oh, and i’m just talking the night before the race w/ the water vs sleep thing –

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  5. So so true. You get stronger although you don’t notice until you try to do the thing that you couldn’t do before and suddenly, you can, and it’s easy and you wonder, which one of you changed – you or the obstacle. It’s you! You’ve changed! You’ve reached your goal and it’s time to set another one, further this time.

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