…Your focus determines your reality

Are you ready? It’s a phrase you spend your who life either asking or being asked.. When you’re younger and being shouted at by your mother who is impatiently waiting by the front door to go and do the food shopping..(who the hell wants to go food shopping at 9am on a saturday morning anyway).. when you’re a miserable teenager, again being questioned by your mother who’s on the 3rd attempt at getting you out of bed for school.. Fast forward to being asked the same question by the recruiter on the day of the interview for that job you really want.. To your best man asking you the same thing the morning of your wedding.. It really is a question we never truly get away from. I think as you take more responsibility for your own existence and actions in life its a question you often ask yourself often as self reflection.. I’m not counting the 50 times a day it gets asked as a parent here.. lets forget that side of things!

So are you ready? Whatever it is your getting ready for.. are you? I asked myself that very question yesterday evening. I’d ended the day quite successfully with a 6.5 mile run covering a new route in the rain. I love running in bad weather.. not only does it keep you really cool but it means there are less people around to get in the way.. Having taken an extra rest day after the half marathon distance at the weekend I knew my body needed to be feeling good so I could feel positive going into the weekends 22 mile session. Luckily, my focus was good and my legs were up to the task..  With another hour session tonight and my standard friday 60 minute spin bike session tomorrow.. I think Sunday will truly be make or break.. and I have no intention of it being the latter.

I am ready. I’m ready to hit 22 miles like it’s never been hit before.. to put my body through what I’m guessing will be about 3 n a half hours of hell whilst loving every second of it.. If I can get through this I know I’ll be ‘marathon ready’. Having already completed 18 miles a few weeks ago I know I have nothing to be scared of and just need to relax and have faith in my abilities. It’s been one hell of a journey so far but one I am really enjoying.. On Sunday morning my focus will well and truly define my reality. It will be the longest distance I cover as I enter the ‘3 week taper’ to the first marathon and with my best friends wedding the morning before, I’m hoping to be as relaxed as possible.. Just the small task of moving house next weekend (I don’t do anything by halves!) to get through first and aforementioned friends stag do.. (just a water for me please mate).

No matter what my marathon times end up being.. like I’ve said over and over.. I’m no elite athlete.. I’m no long term distance runner.. I’m an average guy with a desire to succeed. I want to make my family proud and I want to do it with a smile on my face. You can sit there tucking into your donut with your morning coffee whilst telling yourself that its fine to have a treat once in a while.. the same treat you allowed yourself yesterday.. but I wont be. Yeah I may be slightly judgemental and struggle not to give some comment or other.. (I mean why hold back when it comes so naturally to me?).. If your happy with the way you are then fine.. but why be content with ‘average’? I think with a little focus and commitment anyone can achieve great success.. Put it this way.. on 28th September, some idiot from the Midlands with a incredible talent for blogging is going to wake up with 3 marathon medals on the bedside table.. Whoever that guy is.. If he can do that..imagine what you are capable of.. You just have to give it a go..

Always remember, your focus determines your reality. George Lucas

5 thoughts on “…Your focus determines your reality

  1. Nutritional Fitness

    Love this!! My brother just completed an ultramarathon (62.2 miles) and came in first place. It is true what they say… You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to! Just go out and do it 🙂

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  2. you’re right. I don’t want to be average either. Yesterday I promised myself. Today, I have the opportunity to make good on that promise or make that same promise to myself tomorrow. I’m tired of making promises; I want to try keeping them now.
    All the best with your marathon. Good preparation always leads to good results.

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