Social Media… Good or Bad?

Lets be honest.. everyone loves social media. I hear so many people slating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.. myself included.. yet everybody loves attention in some shape or form and loves to know what everyone else is up to. We cant help ourselves.. It’s literally become a staple part of everyone’s daily routine. Whether it be waking up and checking Facebook literally the second you open your eyes.. or checking Instagram every time you get a few spare minutes at work.. I know Facebook is a lot more personal and a lot more friend/family based so yeah its a great tool for keeping up with people you hardly see.. It’s also become the norm that you could see someone for the first time in years and them be able to tell you how great you looked on your recent holiday and that you and your new partner make a great couple. We’ve all just come to accept it.

Personally, living far away from my family and lots of my friends means Facebook is a great tool to stay ‘in the loop’. It also means my mum can see what I’m up to without me having to call her regularly.. (bonus!…sorry mum). I think the ‘birthday Facebook’ message has also become a staple part of society too.. you could send expensive flowers and a fantastic card but unless you’ve written it on Facebook you will be in the bad books..

Instagram is a strange outlet.. I love it. Second only to my new found love of WordPress of course. The fact that it engages over 300 million active monthly users (Yes I Googled that) is insane.. It’s a great way to also connect with friends and family but on a much more impersonal level.. It’s essentially a platform for you to see pictures of people better looking than you, living lives far better than your own.. yet it will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.. Its like that dodgy soap opera you’ll never admit to liking.. we as a society just cant get enough!

Since I started my marathon training I’ve predominantly used it as a way of people to see how I’m getting on, and also post motivational images I may find across the internet. Yeah I don’t have thousands of followers or own a Ferrari.. but I enjoy posting on it and enjoy the level of engagement I get from it. To be honest what inspired this post is quite amusing actually.. in my blog post on Sunday I posted an image of the Pizza I made, as part of my ‘night before’ long run regime.. This picture is currently my ‘most liked’ photo on Instagram.. surpassing all of my motivational imagery and training photos! Its instances like this that make you realise just how superficial social media can be at times.. especially Instagram. Scanning through the comments section of a famous persons Instagram posts can be as amusing as watching any top comedian.. Like I’ve highlighted above.. unless you look like Zac Efron, The Rock, are a member of One Direction or have the surname Kardashian people simply aren’t interested.. This doesn’t mean whatever your posting isn’t interesting or isn’t relevant to someone.. or that your any less of a person to those mentioned above.. It just means your not attracting the right audience.. and maybe your correct audience isn’t even on social media.. To be honest the amount of things being posted every second of the day, your lucky to be seen by any one of any relevance..

Facebook has definitely helped me during my training. Its been great to get good luck messages if I’ve posted about an up and coming ‘long run’ or well done messages after posting how I got on.. Using ‘MapmyRun’ gives the option to link with Facebook and I find it really handy.. I posted about the half marathon distance I was running on Sunday and got lots of well wishes beforehand.. It really did spur me on as I didn’t want to let these people down or have to go through the task of letting them know I hadn’t achieved my goal.. (I was 34 seconds out ok just let it go!!)

I’m still incredibly undecided how I truly feel about social media but it definitely wont stop me continuing to post as I lead up to my 3 marathons. Even if deep down people only want to see me post pictures of pizza! I’d be interested to hear about the part it plays in motivating you and links in with your fitness/training goals. Let me know!

Id also like to take the opportunity to clarify that my wife hasn’t ever given me a ‘left hook’.. that she’s lovely and would never beat me. (shes made me write this, call for help).

As always, cheer for reading!

6 thoughts on “Social Media… Good or Bad?

  1. Hey Ben
    Just dropping in as you asked for my thoughts on your training etc. I’ve read a good few of your posts and can’t find a great deal on your training; I noticed on one of the posts where you mentioned about not posting all the boring running stuff like , ran 5 miles today etc. Great stuff – loved it. Runners are really anal about their training – me too. It’s great to see a fresh approach.

    I’ve enjoyed the posts I’ve read. Entertaining stuff. But on the three marathons, it’s difficult to proffer advice when I don’t know what you’re doing training wise. A few posts back, Anthony gave you some great advice, which I suggest you take on board.

    We all do this running malarkey for different reason but I suppose ultimately we do it because it gives us some strange sense of satisfaction – even if it’s running a sub 4 min mile, breaking the world record for 24hrs, or running 100 marathons in 100 days (something like this goes on in Ireland – worth looking up as it’s a bit similar to type of thing you’re doing).

    I’ll keep an eye on your blog and if I see anything that might help, I’ll let you know…

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  2. I’m relatively new to Instagram and I’ve been using it to post pictures of my yoga practice progress and as vain as it feels, it also encourages me to continue working because I don’t want to disappoint those strange people out there liking my pictures! And you’re right, sometimes I do a handstand on a beach in Canada but it’s the picture of me doing a plank in my living room in my pajamas that gets the most likes…so it’s all a strange world and as awkward as it seems, I continue to use it for the motivation. It’s also great for finding new crazy yoga poses to try…ah the joys of social media!

    Also just wanted to say that I’m enjoying how honest you are in your blog. It’s nice to read about people that aren’t pretending to be perfect and really showing what it’s like to be going through a grueling training process!

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  3. i’m a big social media fan, but NOT a fan of oversharing on Facebook (ie, i don’t want to know what people had for breakfast or how tired they are). IG is great and such a quick, easy, visual way to share concepts and ideas and workouts and inspiration and the like…such a fan!

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