Warning – Do not Approach!

Over the years I’ve come to realise that despite being incredibly helpful, and always there for the people who need me to be (and did I mention modest?) that I’m also pretty unapproachable at times.. (ok a lot of the time!).. During my training I’ve also learnt that this is multiplied by 10 the day after a long run.

Over the past 3+ months as I’ve improved my running capabilities and physical fitness I’ve pushed both my body and my mind further than my previously perceived limitations. Its important that you develop both at the same time because as I previously found out.. if your mind doesn’t think you can do it then it doesn’t mean a thing if your legs think they can.. It becomes irrelevant.. You won’t get there.

So as I was saying.. by pushing myself to the limit yesterday meant that my mind as well as my body was obviously going to fatigued.. and no matter how much food you consume to replenish what you’ve burnt (damn that pick and mix yesterday was good.. ok and the 10 biscuits.. and the malt loaf).. I don’t believe anyone can wake up feeling ready to do it all over again without some level of mental fatigue.. yes if your an elite athlete you’ll manage a lot better but if we say I worked at 95% of my capability yesterday.. then if an elite athlete worked at the same level of theirs would they still be walking with a spring in their step this morning? I’m not so sure..

Whilst I’m not aching as much as I would have expected I’m mentally fatigued.. its a hard feeling to comprehend because whilst I’m not feeling ‘tired’ or ‘worn out’ I just feel completely on edge.. I feel like if anybody wants to test me then there is definitely a diving headbutt coming their way.. or if they’re bigger than me ‘a strong APPROACH-WITH-CAUTIONworded letter’. Its a weird head space to be in to be honest because I know im in it.. usually when people are in a bad mood they will deny it and just think everyone else is being unreasonable.. I’m definitely one of these people. However I know my own current thought processes are unreasonable and that it isn’t the norm for me.. Does anyone else experience this? Many of you may not have even thought about it and simply thought they didn’t get enough sleep.. but I’m sure everyone has felt it in some shape or form during their own training regimes.

To be honest I’m glad its happening for the simple fact that in completing 3 consecutive marathons over 14 days I’m obviously going to be fatigued in every way possible. I have no doubts that for 3 weeks Monday mornings are going to be an absolute nightmare. That’s why I’m hoping I can learn a few things from this experience as I come to the end of my training..

What probably doesn’t help is that I thought considering next Sunday is a 22 mile training session that this week would be pretty easy on the build up to the run.. how wrong I was.. the next 5 days training are some of the longest ‘warm up’ runs I’ve done! Your feeling sorry for me right? Oh your not? … Fine.

I know that tomorrow is a new day and that after a good rest this evening I’ll be ready to press on and prepare myself for Sunday. That however doesn’t help the here and now.. what methods do you use to overcome this kind of fatigue (other than destroying every single human being you come into contact with).. I’ve read my company handbook and I think that’s frowned upon unfortunately. It doesn’t however say that smiling is obligatory..

Don’t worry.. I’ll be friendly tomorrow 🙂

Looking forward to getting your thoughts based on your own experiences.

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5 thoughts on “Warning – Do not Approach!

  1. You seem to the most rational grumpy person! I can only admit my bad moods afterwards and just get irritable when people don’t leave me alone. You have been really pushing yourself and I’m sure you are exhausted. I don’t envy your Mondays, but I envy what you have accomplished and if it requires a worn out Monday every week so be it. You are doing something amazing!

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  2. It is stress. It is anxiety that puts me in a funk. Sometimes alone time will help you. Sometimes dumping it all on someone who understands is the way. Writing is therapeutic too. I am highly independent and i hate relying on anyone, especially to help me get my emotions in check. I usually just choke them down and move on. Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

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  3. sarahadele628

    Hi there! I agree with the others, exhaustion, stress, fatigue (all things that can rear their heads during training) can definitely be things that push one over the edge and into a mood rut. It’s funny you wrote this-I went on a long run with my husband last night and was so grumpy afterwards! And all I kept thinking was, “I should be happy, not grumpy, we did great!” For me, working overnight the night before and external stress was what fed into my mood. The good thing is, once you recognize what puts you in a funk, you can take steps to work on it/prevent it next time. Keep at it!

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  4. Hi! Thanks for the recap. I can sympathize with you!
    So, I’m wondering if it would make more sense to do your long run on Saturday? I find that having Sunday to rest before the next busy week starts usually helps me…

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