Have the courage…

To date, I’ve used my daily ramblings to do my best to encourage and motivate mostly complete strangers. People who have no reason to take my advice and no reason to believe anything I write whatsoever! I feel its important never to direct people but to advise. No one has to take any of the advice on offer and if you don’t finish reading each post feeling slightly more motivated then that’s fair enough.. feel free to move on to the next blog outlining that if you do 200 sit ups and eat exactly what he/she tells you to that you’ll become a better person and take over the world. The reality is you won’t.. you’ll just be some idiot that listened to another idiot.

I want to use my own learning and experiences to motivate the ‘common man/woman’. I want to appeal to the person who doesn’t think they’re quite good enough or doesn’t have enough self belief to truly achieve something. No matter where you are in the world I can be that person. It doesn’t even have to be fitness related. If your goal is to run a marathon.. great, my ramblings should make a lot of sense! If your goal is simply to believe in yourself more and stop trusting most of the rubbish you see on social media and in your life then I think I can help you too.. You just need to begin to help yourself too 🙂

People always wonder how I can be so focused on certain things whether it be training or having a balanced diet.. there really is no secret to it. My way of doing it is by telling anyone that will listen what I’m doing.. that way my motivation is to not look stupid when on a Monday I said id given up cakes and then by Wednesday I’m tucking into a Victoria sponge.  Yeah you have to treat yourself occasionally.. but what the hell did you do between Monday and Wednesday to think you deserved a Victoria sponge at 9.15am?! I don’t care how good it tastes.. If you want to achieve something great and feel good about yourself then put the work in..Time-to-believe

The quote I’ve used on this page can be related to anything. No matter what you are going through or however bad you think things may be. If you have the courage to listen to your heart you can achieve anything.. no matter how far away it may seem and whatever your goal may be. Like I said the other day, you may not become the next Bill Gates or the next David Beckham but you’ll feel damn good about yourself as you begin your journey and notice the progress you are making each day/week/month. Please trust me when I say its a much better feeling than regret.ms-diet-progress-report-featured-575x262

The simple fact is, whatever your going through, you’ll get through it. If you’re going through tough times in your relationship/life.. and it seems like the end of the world.. it isnt. You just need to believe in yourself, break it down into smaller chunks and get it done! Of course you’re going to get overwhelmed if your stood looking at it all as a whole. The EXACT same thing translates into my training. No way am I going to stand at the start line and think about the next 4+ hours and 26.2 miles.. I’m going to be thinking of my first mile pace, my stretching and my plan to get the blood flowing.. The concepts really do apply to anything.. If your sat in the office staring at a massive task you’ve been set.. yeah you could sit and bitch about your boss and how much of an idiot they are and how unmanageable it is.. Or you could use the brain that got you the job in the first place.. break it down and get it done!

Crossing the finish line

Wherever you are, whoever you are and whatever your goals are.. Have the courage to believe in yourself.. after the first few steps you’ll be flying. Oh.. and smile every step of the way.

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. Steve Jobs

9 thoughts on “Have the courage…

  1. Kim Edwards

    Your teachers said from you being a very early age that you had it in you to write books. This has become so apparent from reading your blogs. You really should collate them and turn them into an inspirational book it would be a best seller.
    You are a total inspiration to me, your mum, you make my hear swell with pride. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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