If you put in the work the results will come.. Set the pace.

I’ve always believed that you get out what you put in.. I think thats true of everything in life. There will always be those people who sit at home believing that the world owes them a favour. Then there will be those people who go out and take what they want from the world. It’s completely up to you which side you want to be on.. trust me though if you spend your whole life thinking your owed everything the only favour you’ll get is your nice benefits cheque each month.. Its highly unlikely that this comes with a massive sense of achievment and a feeling of pure accomplishment.. your more than likely just a douchebag..

Im never going to pretend I have time for those people because I really dont. They dont interest me in the slightest. If I want something I’ll work hard to get it.. and yeah I might need a bit of luck along the way but I’ll stick at it and I’ll get there. I get so frustrated seeing people disgard their potential all because it might take a little bit of effort. Just imagine if all the people who fought to make our countries great had the same attitude? Or if all the incredibly hard working doctors and nurses just ‘couldnt be bothered’..

If you put the work in you will reap the benefits. This translates all through your life.. if you work hard at school you’ll get good grades, You’ll move on to higher education or go into employment where you’ll continue to put the work in and succeed in your chosen career path.. All of the above is down to you.. if you want to blame foreign people who are way more hardworking than you’ll ever be then fine.. but your only kidding yourself… I didnt begin on a cold wet tuesday evening, get round the block and give up.. I put on a rain coat, turned on the spotify playlist and absolutely smashed it until I couldnt run a second more.. On the 28th September I will wake up incredibly sore.. incredibly drained but with 3 marathon medals on the bedside table and a huge smile on my face. Why is that so? Because you get out what you put in.. Yes everybody needs a bit of luck along the way.. and if you work hard you’ll probably get it.. You’ll get to achieve something you never thought possible.. you’ll feel more confident, you’ll want to challenge yourself to achieve other things in your life and you’ll wake up with a smile on your face.. All because you didnt give up on that cold wet tuesday evening after a long day at work where the weird lady with the moustache in the office used your favourite mug and ruined your whole morning.. You picked that cracked spare mug out the cupboard and just got on with it.. that’s why your boss thinks your awesome.. because you just get on with it whilst everyone else sits around moaning..

Have a think and decide who you want to be.. I think if your reading this you already know the answer.

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3 thoughts on “If you put in the work the results will come.. Set the pace.

  1. My DH is a retired ultramarathoner and my son is a marathoner, so I completely understand the hurdles you face. Looking forward to reading more about your journey forward with training and your race goals and aspirations.

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