Your weaknesses are also your biggest strengths.

In just over 5 weeks I’ll begin the first of my 3 challenges. Lining up to complete 26.2 miles on my journey to 78. I feel like I’ve learnt so many things over the last few months and picked up some great advice along the way. I guess that is the main reason I started writing these things down not only so I could look back on it all afterwards but also to offer some inspiration to anyone else who may need it.

The most important thing I’ve learnt so far is just how important it is to listen to not only your body but your mind too. Whatever you set out to achieve, whether it be completing an elite distance or another challenge you may have set yourself its important to listen to what your head is telling you. Most of the time it will be telling you the usual, “I really cant be bothered”, or “What is the point in this?” and whilst its up to you to workout why its telling you these things its also your job to work out why.

Personally, until yesterday I hadn’t missed a single 6 days a week training session since I started over 3 months ago. Yesterday however, my mind just wasn’t in it. My body was ready to give it a good go, which in itself was surprising considering the 18 miles I put it through on Sunday but my head just wasn’t. It wasn’t telling me I couldn’t be bothered or questioning the point it just knew something wasn’t right. This in itself relates to some recent personal circumstances which I feel I’ve never used as an excuse or a reason not to give 110% every time I’ve stepped out the house. I have however given it all I’ve got to be truly prepared for the challenges I’ve set myself which is why I sit here now happy with my decision to have an extra days rest and get ready to really go for it this evening.

Its listening to your mind which can become your greatest weapon. You can fine tune your body as much as you want until you look like an extra from the film ‘300’ if you really want to.. but if your head just isn’t in it you’ll probably be stood there looking a bit stupid to be honest.. but hey.. at least you’ll have some really good instagram photos and a few more cheeky follows! If that’s all your aiming for then job done and fair play to you. If however you want to achieve something truly great you need to listen. If you need a rest then take a rest. You’ve achieved the hardest part already.. you’ve started. You’ve decided you want to do something, whether it be lose weight, better yourself or compete in something. This in itself is enough to give yourself a pat on the back. Be careful though, it isn’t an excuse to have that cream cake and give yourself a days rest every other day.

If you listen properly and apply it in the right way your opportunities are endless and you can turn what some may consider weakness into your biggest strength.. its up to you to listen and apply it correctly. You’ll only get out what you put in at the end of the day.. Don’t be that person who sits there on December 31st wishing they’d tried a bit harder with that diet plan or that boot camp you joined but only attended twice.. You know you can do it otherwise you wouldn’t have started and you wouldn’t be reading this right now.. Just get on with it.. be great.

4 thoughts on “Your weaknesses are also your biggest strengths.

  1. JKC

    Great thoughts, I think the hardest part of any run is the distance between the bed and the front door. Learning to ignore the voice that says “just one” or “Just five more minutes” is more than half the battle.

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  2. Hollie

    This is a really insightful and interesting post! I know in the past I have struggled with keeping the motivation going but recently my thought processes have changed, it’s now or never! I think sometimes it takes a split second for your mind to snap and you realise that you don’t want to get to the end of the year and be disappointed again!

    Anyway keep up the good work, your journey has been really interesting so far! 😀

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