To be a champion..

What does it take to be great? What is the measure of greatness? These are two questions I seem to have asked myself quite a lot recently. During training, pounding the pavement whilst feeling every step. Gearing up for a marathon is a strange thing. You work hard, you focus, you commit yourself to the cause yet you know your not going to cross the line first.. or even in the first few hundred.. Does that mean you’re not great? Does that mean your measure of greatness is less than those crossing the line before you?

It’s hard to really answer the above questions because whilst I cant stand losing at anything I’m also fully aware that I’m not built for marathon running. My personal achievements will define my greatness. My dedication to getting home everyday, lacing up the running shoes and pulling on my Dre. Beats as I get in the zone for another personal best. It’s turning down that free cake at work or resisting that domino’s 2 for Tuesday offer than helps defines my greatness. Setting that alarm on a Saturday night to get up early and replicate my event start times.

Its true that everybody has the ability to ‘be great’. There are enough motivational quotes on google and instagram to tell you so. How many of us settle with never getting there though? How many of us only consider that 1st place as achieving something so never take part? A ferrari is a ‘great’ car, an Aston Martin is a ‘great’car.. what if everybody looked at the first super car and thought ‘why bother?’.. The world would be a very different place than the one it is today.

Why not change your approach and focus on why you ‘can’ do something rather than why you ‘cant’.. give it a go. You’ll surprise yourself..

With 6 weeks to go I dont feel any different than I did 3 months ago.. but deep down I know I’m closer to achieving what I set out to all those months ago . Getting in after a run now consists of some stretching and an isotonic sports drink. It used to consist of lying on the hallway floor exhausted feeling a minute from death. Whatever happens in September wont define my life but it will define who I am as a person and what I am capable of. The only thing that will be left to ask is ‘what next’..

I guess we will see..

To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are. Muhammad Ali

5 thoughts on “To be a champion..

  1. Very inspiring. I was right where you were in your marathon training when I had to throw in the towel several years ago, I’m looking forward to reading about your next 6 weeks, maybe it will motivate me to try training again (once I get past being a newby again)!

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  2. An older friend of mine said that with just about everything if you really want something you need to fake it until you make it. More or less, I suppose keep your long time goal in mind and stay consistent/keep grinding in the mean time. Someday you’ll be there.

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